Welcome to Gooey Promotions, Ideas that Stick!

We are distributors of: embroidered and silk screened clothing, and over 600,000 promotional items ranging from coffee mugs, golf balls, Bic pens, Zippo lighters, tape measurers and desk accessories, mouse pads, golf outing give aways, hats, trade show clothing and gifts, bags, portfolios, on the desk real estate, food and candy. Jeez, who can name all of the available fun stuff in one paragraph?

OK, here is the story of how we came up with the name Gooey. I am listening to the radio in early 2000 and some guy was talking about who knows what, when he said the word "Gooey". (Well, it was the time of Yahoo, Amazon, Google.) So I kicked it around for 3 months, ran it by a few people, got mostly strange looks. I even asked my mother! Myrna said that it doesn't sound: conservative, established, serious, "professional". But I felt that it was: memorable, fun, definitely different and not conservative. From there I came up with the tag line: "Ideas that Stick" and the name Gooey Promotions was born!